Da Zero a 46 – Valentino Rossi in Augmented Reality

Valentino Rossi, a collection story!

Da Zero a 46

the story of Valentino rossi in augmented reality
The cheerful MotoGp icon makes his mark again, this time with his bike on the interactive printed circuit from his history in an incredible Augmented Reality album. And although The Doctor has announced that he is starting a new life, this project promises to revive the emotions of the victories of his long and exciting career, a reward for lifelong fans and amateurs, but also for those who may have been too young to savour every moment of his 26-year career.

"The medium does not matter. Be it writing, dance, music, speech, voice, painting, expressiveness, the divine talent to create forms, the ability to read inside nature to expand our knowledge. Or a piece of sporting equipment, perhaps a motorbike. On which Valentino Rossi does not just build a legend, he does not just rack up world titles, he does not just disprove the law that it is the engines and not the riders that make the difference. No, he does more. He detaches himself from the species, he becomes a genetic mutation."

"Un angelo senza paragoni umani, come Coppi e Merckx, Pelé e Maradona, Owens e Nurmi, come tutti coloro cui è rimasta dentro una scintilla di stelle."

from the book 'Se questo è Sport' by Giorgio Tosatti

Da Zero a 46 the story of Valentino Rossi in Augmented Reality in MoreGlobe platform

Creatiwa Studio's interactive project is unprecedented on the publishing scene, and promises, thanks to MoreGlobe®'s Augmented Reality technology, to provide an unforgettable experience.

The production is made with quality materials, from the paper weight to the lamination with soft-touch effect, everything is designed to offer a unique collection in the hands of the collector

Rare photos of Valentino, evocative images of the fantastic career of the 'Doctor', embellish the production.