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AUGMENTED REALITY Collections - interactive cards
AR collection interactive cards

Valentino Rossi interactive Album:"Da Zero a 46"

The cheerful MotoGp icon makes his mark again, this time with his bike on the interactive printed circuit from his history in an incredible Augmented Reality album. And although The Doctor has announced that he is starting a new life, this project promises to revive the emotions of the victories of his long and exciting career, a reward for lifelong fans and amateurs, but also for those who may have been too young to savour every moment of his 26-year career.
AR collection interactive cards

Atletico de Madrid interactive Album:"Sentimiento Rojiblanco"

An interactive collector's album to celebrate the history of a club and the passion of a city with its team destined to touch the heart! Decades of history are told through hundreds of unmissable stickers. From the team's beginnings to the unforgettable matches of recent years. In between, there are thousands of stories: the victories, the defeats, the fans, the tifos, the emotions in the stadium, the men who have made the club great on and off the pitch. The album is born from the heart of a fan and is destined to touch the hearts of the supporters, because they are the true soul of football.
AR collection interactive cards

Salernitana interactive Album:"Sentimento Granata"

In addition to the reconstruction - match by match - of the entire season, the work will offer Granata fans an augmented reality section dedicated to this year's top goals, one dedicated to the caricatures of the protagonists of this splendid ride, as well as an ample space celebrating the people's party that took place in the city at the final whistle of Pescara-Salernitana.
AR collection interactive cards

Salernitana interactive Album:"Sentimento Granata"

How can we remember one hundred years of history if not through the images that have marked the time of a lifetime. The life of Salernitana in a collection of figurines that can make the visual memory of the life of a football team that has represented an entire city and its province for a century remain indelible in time. To capture with an image a beautiful moment of collective exaltation or a moment of sporting prostration is the objective of this publication.
AR collection interactive cards

Empoli F.c. interactive Album: "Sentimento Empoli"

Making a gift to Empoli fans on the occasion of their favourite team's centenary: this is the idea behind Sentimento Empoli, the first interactive Augmented Reality collector's album dedicated to the Azzurri team. Through 500 stickers with period photos and exclusive images, the album retraces one hundred years of Empoli Football Club's history and allows you to relive the emotions of the past in a way never seen before. Thanks to the Augmented Reality function, in fact, all you have to do is frame the pages of the album to see the stickers come to life.
AR collection interactive cards

Calcio Padova interactive Album: "Sentimento Padova"

Happy Birthday Padova! To worthily celebrate the club's 110th anniversary and pay homage to the fans' passion, a unique editorial product is on its way: 'Sentimento Padova'. It is a collectible sticker album in Augmented Reality dedicated to the 110 years of history of the biancoscudato club. Through 20 monothematic chapters and 500 stickers, 'Sentimento Padova' retraces the whole epic of the Veneto club - from the golden years to the present day - and allows you to relive the emotions of the past in an interactive way.

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